AGT’s Outstanding Employee of the Year, Winner of Bill Gallagher Award

South Bend, Indiana, January 8, 2018 – The Uncle Bill Gallagher Memorial Award is named for an outstanding member of the American Green Technology family who lived the story of American Green TechnologyTM.  Because of Bill Gallagher’s unwavering tenacity, fortitude and fighting spirit, we would like to reward similar qualities in our Outstanding Employee of the Year.  This person should be tireless in their efforts to educate the world about our company.  They should be a servant leader, and go above and beyond the call for their colleagues and customers. The 2017 recipient is Louis Buckner.

CFO Chuck Weiser and Louis Buckner with Employee of the Year Plaque

Louis Buckner has worked as an assembly line worker for the Clarksdale plant at American Green Technology since 2014. Louis is considered an expert when it comes to understanding the mechanics of building VidaShield products.  Behind a quiet and unassuming demeanor is an observant and intelligent worker, dedicated to delivering excellent results.  Colleagues of Louis remark that he consistently performs above and beyond expectations, always offers to help and is usually the first to arrive at the office. We are proud to have Louis on the AGT team!

Congratulations to Louis Buckner, Winner of the 2017 Uncle Bill Gallagher Award!

CFO Chuck Weiser giving Louis Buckner his cash award

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