Company Bio

American Green Technology™ was founded in 2009 with headquarters in South Bend, Indiana. With the power of the Ushio America investment, AGT is positioned as a leading manufacturer of lighting products for the heavy industry and healthcare sector. With a world class board of directors, shareholders and management team, AGT leverages global relationships to produce proprietary best in class solutions. By replacing less than optimal alternatives, AGT offers our customers fast paybacks and high returns on investment.

American Green Technology is an innovative technology pioneer, strategically positioned with patented technologies in the air purification and industrial markets worldwide. Their purification and industrial products have been used very successfully in extreme conditions, yielding significant advantages over traditional products in these critical market segments.

Ushio America is one of the world’s largest specialty lighting companies and is a leader in several markets such as digital cinema, video projection, scientific and medical, and UV curing. Ushio America is focused on meeting the comprehensive needs of customers through market-directed product engineering, manufacturing process control and breadth of product offering. For more information about Ushio America, log onto

AGT’s VidaShield product was developed through this partnership, with the goal of improving patient care and indoor air quality through fast, 24/7 UV-C air purification.

The synergy between AGT’s expertise in lighting fixture and air purification system manufacturing and Ushio’s expertise in Germicidal UV, Scientific and Medical light sources created the innovative VidaShield system. VidaShield reduces the levels of bacteria and fungi in treated air and reduces the settling of viable bacteria and fungi on surfaces. This unobtrusive, active UV-C air treatment system operates 24/7 in occupied spaces.

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