Rugged Lighting Products For Tough Businesses – that is what American Green Technology produces for hardworking people everyday.

The factories, mills, mines and foundries are tough businesses that make up the backbone of this great nation. The men and women who work and run these businesses need to be tough to succeed and they need reliable products as strong and durable as they are.

American Green Technology (AGT) knows how to manufacture robust, reliable lighting products for heavy industrial applications. They’ve been doing it for almost a decade.

Our products are not only made tough, they’re made by American workers in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

We understand the harsh environments of heavy industry. Our team has walked the soot-filled floors of steel mills that border our Great Lakes. They’ve witnessed the powerful longwall mining in the bluegrass state. They’ve felt the humid conditions in paper mills all over this land, and we know the importance of the right lighting for getting the job done safely.

Our products endure in dirty, damp and hot, humid conditions. Our signature product, the HB50, is designed with exclusive Sine Wave Filtration technology to overcome power problems common in industrial manufacturing. So not only are they energy efficient and save thousands of dollars versus metal halide or high pressure sodium options, but they are built tough and durable for your tough business!


Electric motors, VFD’s and AC/DC switching lead to power surges and transient voltage. While long runs and multiple loads bring about wave form distortion.

  • AGT high bays, with integrated wave form correction, are built to survive in harsh, high demand applications with dynamic power environments.
  • AGT high bays eliminate the need for surge protection, fusing, isolation transformers, or capacitive filters.
  • Each fixtures stands alone no matter the circuit, no matter the panel and load.
  • U.S. engineered, designed and built


Exclusive integrated Sine Wave Technology eliminates transient voltages and filters facility generated noise to ensure that dirty power from the facility doesn’t affect the lighting to cause failures.

The HB50 also uses smart electronics to maintain optimal light output. The real genius of the HB50 is its ability to stand alone with no need for fusing, surge protectors, line conditioning, isolation transformers, or capacitive filters.

Watch this exclusive video on the HB50
to see all of the features of this
extraordinary lighting product!


How Induction Technology Works

The longest lasting lighting technology on the market, induction is a workhorse in the field. Providing superior lamp life, excellent lumen output and natural bright white light, how induction surpasses other energy efficient solutions is at the core of its technology. That is what allows it to work in both hot and cold temperatures and dusty, dirty conditions which plague other lighting types. If you’re looking for a rugged solution to handle your tough as nails environment, we’ve got you covered.